Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Finishing up Our Day in Carcassonne

We wander out of the fortress and head back through Carcassonne's old town, just outside the stone walls of the fortress and the medieval city.

Leaving the fortress

Walking through old town, we find that not only does Carcassonne have cassoulet everywhere, but the town has octopus.  We definitely have to come back!

Streets of old town, just under the fortress

Signs of octopus!

We cross the bridge over the River L'Aude into modern Carcassonne and stroll the streets, ending up a the Saint`Michael Cathedral (Cath├ędrale Saint-Michel de Carcassonne).  Originally built as a parish church in the 13th century, St. Michael's was elevated to a cathedral in 1803.  In the courtyard outside the church is a monument to local residents who have died in wars.

Crossing the River L'Aude back into modern Carcassonne

Saint-Michael and monument

Inside Saint-Michael

Heading back toward the train station, we stop in the center of Carcassonne for a glass of wine.  The square is cheerful and inviting with lots of outdoor seating.

A short stop

Crossing the Canal du Midi to the train station, we watch a canal boat go through the self-service locks in front of the station.

Through the locks

And, back in the station, someone is playing the station piano, entertaining us all as we wait for the next train in our direction.

Station piano

Another great side trip from Montpellier!

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