Tuesday, August 30, 2022

An Afternoon at the Montpellier Zoo

After a day of bicycling to the beach for great sights and a fabulous lunch, the next day we head to the northern part of Montpellier and visit the zoo.  The Montpellier Zoo is the largest park in Montpellier and holds over 1,350 animals in 52 enclosures, many of them the largest in Europe.

We are welcomed to the zoo by bright birds in a cage at the entrance.

Welcome to our zoo

We enter and wander.

Residents at the zoo

The paths wind through the zoo with large enclosures arranged around the 80 hectare (184 acre) site.  Scattered among the enclosures are metal and wood statues of animals, some actually in the zoo, some not.


Soon we return to the entrance and say goodbye to the colorful birds that greeted us.  It's been a great way to spend an afternoon and see the animals relaxing in the warm Mediterranean weather.

Thank you for visiting

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