Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Continuing Our Visit to Marseille

The next day, we stroll around the northern side of Marseille's old port.  Many locations on the port have a fabulous view of the Basillica Notre-Dame de la Garde, built in the late 19th century at the highest point in Marseille.

Basillica Notre-Dame de la Garde

The area just north of the port, Le Panier, has been inhabited since 600 B.C. and has been where most of Marseille's waves of immigrants settled.  Just behind the port is the imposing Intercontinental Hotel, with the narrow streets of Le Panier starting just a block away.

Intercontinental Hotel at the port

Le Panier district

Soap (Savon de Marseilles), manufactured here for 6 centuries

The walls and streets of Le Panier are decorated with fabulous artwork.

Art on the street

Returning to the port, we find more great views of the Basillica Notre-Dame de la Garde across the way.

Returning to the old port

Next, it's time to see what lies beyond and north of the port.

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