Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Dining in Cinque Terre

Our first dinner in Monterosso al Mare is at Il Casello, dining outside next to the beach in the old town.  We welcome ourselves to Cinque Terre with stuffed anchovies, seafood salad, and seafood risotto.

Dining by the beach, stuffed anchovies

Seafood salad, seafood risotto

As the sun sets, we watch the city light up and, after dinner, walk back through town past many other dining opportunities, some of which we will experience ourselves over the next few days.

Night arrives, dining on the streets

Our second dinner is at L'Osteria, a longtime favorite.  We start with anchovies in olive oil and bruschetta, followed by octopus and mussels.

Anchovies, mixed bruschetta

Octopus, mussels

The next night, we wander into a new restaurant and order the fish salad, which comes with an assortment of fish, including a separate plate of langoustines.

Fish salad

One night, we are in for a real treat. Carla at our hotel, Villa Steno shows us how to make pesto and pasta the traditional way (using a mortar and pestle and arm muscle power for the pesto, followed by more arm power for the pasta) and we eat dinner with the pesto and pasta that we make.  What fun and what a treat!

Making pesto and pasta

Enjoying the combination!

Our final night, we enjoy a meal at Belvedere, back at the beach, starting with salted anchovies and marinated anchovies, followed by black and white pasta with mussels and seafood spaghetti.

Dining on the water at Belevdere

Anchovies, two ways

Black and White Pasta with mussels, seafood spaghetti

Outdoor seating by the beach

Remembering the great tastes, we walk back through town, passing more people enjoying the evening and their meals up and down via Roma, the main street in this old town part of Monterosso al Mare.  Another week in this fabulous and magical place is coming to an end, but we'll be back next year for more!

Walking back through town

Monterosso at night

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