Friday, July 5, 2019

Small City Parks in Hong Kong

As I walk through Hong Kong, I run across small parks scattered throughout the city.  It seems that everywhere there is a little space, a park appears to offer a tiny break in the hectic city life.

 Small parks throughout the city

 Heng Lam Street Sitting-Out Area

The modern buildings in Central, Hong Kong's main business district, have sculptures, gardens, and water features seamlessly and beautifully integrated into the design of the space in which they are located.

Gardens in Central

Away from the skyscrapers and buildings of the main commercial areas, there is more space for beautiful parks designed to be enjoyed and used by the people living nearby.

 Lok Fu Recreation Ground

 Carpenter Road Park

I've enjoyed discovering the parks as I wander around the city and watching the local people relax in and enjoy each oasis in the urban jungle that is Hong Kong.

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