Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum in Hong Kong

The Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum was opened on December 12, 2006 to commemorate the 140th birthday of this influential Chinese statesman.  Dr. Sun attended school in Hong Kong and used Hong Kong as a base for his revolutionary campaign.  The museum explores how Dr. Sun was transformed from an aspiring medical student into a renowned revolutionary leader instrumental in establishing the Republic of China and serving as its first president.

 Dr. Sun Yat-sen museum

Dr. Sun in medical school

Photography is not allowed in the museum exhibits, but the architecture of the building itself is incredible.  The museum is located in Kom Tang Hall, built in 1914 by the first Chinese family permitted to live in Hong Kong's Mid Levels.

 Museum interior

Outside the museum, the streets head down from the Mid Levels to lower elevations of the city, with escalators and stairs serving as streets in this area.  The Mid Levels section of Hong Kong is located about 135 meters (440 feet) above the Central business district and the two are connected by the longest covered escalator system in the world, 800 meters (2625 feet, 1/2 mile) long.

 Heading back down

The Dr. Sun Yat-sen museum is well worth a visit to learn some more of the history of the Republic of China (now located in Taiwan) and the People's Republic of China and of Dr. Sun who was instrumental in the formation of the Republic of China.

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