Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Food and Dining in Hong Kong

As I stroll through the streets of Hong Kong, I stop often to admire the fresh food available in the neighborhood shops.

 Neighborhood shops

Many of the shops also cook and serve the food they sell, offering great meals for those without the time to take it home and prepare it themselves.

 Dining in

Alongside the food shops are small stores with the kitchen equipment needed to enjoy this great fresh food at home.


My meals in Hong Kong are generally simple plates of noodles, fish, and dumplings.   One dinner is sui mai (shrimp dumplings), beef balls, cuttlefish balls, Shanghai noodles, and Thai-style fish cakes.

Noodles, dumplings, meat and fish balls, and fish cakes

Another assortment is sui mai, beef balls, Japanese fried dumplings, fried rice with vegetables, and a spring roll.

Shrimp, beef, fried ride, dumplings and spring roll

And, there are a few more variations on this theme.

More dinner assortments

As a treat for lunch one day, I head over to a famous roast goose restaurant, Yung Kee, where I dine on one-quarter roast goose and broccoli stalks (I ordered steamed vegetables, but ended up with broccoli stalks, which also worked well).  Yung Kee has been making roast goose the same way since 1942 and, in 1968, was named one of the top fifteen restaurants in the world by Fortune Magazine.  The goose is cooked on charcoal to give the skin a dark red color and intense aroma, accompanied by a secret marinade and a homemade plum dipping sauce.  It is delicious!

 Yung Kee, goose on display

 Goose with dipping sauce, asparagus

 I dine well in Hong Kong and enjoy both viewing the products in the market and eating the meals that are derived from them.  My only regret is that I couldn't shop in the market and prepare some of the great offerings myself!

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