Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Markets in Hong Kong: Fish, Flower, Bird, Jade, Food

In addition to the food and floral markets everywhere in the city, Hong Kong also has markets dedicated to many specialized products, such as a goldfish market, a bird market, and a jade market.

I first walk through the goldfish market and look at all the great fish, a perfect companion for a small Hong Kong apartment.

 Goldfish market

A few blocks away, the Mong Kok flower market was established in its current location about one hundred years ago.  The flower market was joined by the Kowloon Bird market (originally established on Bird Street) in 1997.

 Mong Kok floral market

 Kowloon Bird Market

The Hong Kong Jade Market has over four hundred stalls selling a wide variety of jade rings, amulets, bracelets, carvings, earrings, stones, figurines, ornaments, and other jewelry.

 Jade market

Wandering through food markets (admiring and sometimes sampling) is one of my favorite explorations and Hong Kong does not disappoint in this area.  There are great markets everywhere.

 Food markets

Exploring the markets is a great way to spend a day, poking around the city to see what I find and admiring the great local treats.

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