Friday, June 14, 2019

Hong Kong's Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is the highest hill on Hong Kong island at 552 meters (1,811 feet).  Nestled among the (very expensive) high-end residences on the Peak, a circular walk offers incredible views of Hong Kong and the other side of Hong Kong Island.

The funicular Victoria Peak Tram carries tourists and commuters from the city up to the Peak.  It's a beautiful day and I decide to walk up, with larger and larger expansive panoramic views of the city appearing as I ascend.  Before the tram, the only way up to the peak (other than walking) was by sedan chair, which did limit the interest in living on the Peak and commuting to the city.

Walking up

More and more of the city appears

Once on top, the circular walk around the peak offers fabulous views of the city.

 Circular path

 City views

At the top of the funicular, an observation tower exposes more great scenery.

 Observation tower

 Views from the Observation Tower

I walk back down, finding more great city views along the way.

 Heading down

As I approach the city, I pass groups starting up the hill.

 Heading up

Exploring Victoria Peak (ascending by tram or foot) is an incredible way to see the city!

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