Friday, June 21, 2019

Hong Kong Park

A short walk from the Zoological and Botanical Gardens, Hong Kong Park offers an example of modern design and facilities integrated into natural landscape.  Opened in 1991, the park covers an area of 80,00 square meters (19.8 acres), adding a beautiful expanse of green space into a busy commercial area.

The park entrance (nearest the Zoological and Botanical Gardens) leads through lush landscape into a 3,000 square meter (.74 acre) walk-through aviary in a net-covered tropical rain forest.  This is the largest aviary in Southeastern Asia, with 600 birds representing 80 species indigenous to the area.

 Entering the park, looking into the aviary from outside

 Walking through the aviary

On the other side of the park, the Conservatory contains a display plant house, a dry plant house, and a humid plant house (most suited for this climate).

Display Plant House

 Dry plant house

 Humid Plant House

Outside the Conservatory, a path behind a waterfall leads to ponds of turtles and a walkway leading out of the park on the side opposite from where I entered.

 Waterfall from back and front

 Turtle ponds

Leaving Hong Kong Park

 Back in the city

The two parks next to each other, The Zoological and Botanical Garden and Hong Kong Park, complement each other well and each offers a lot to the visitor who wanders in.

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