Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Kowloon Park

Kowloon Park is located on the site of the former British Army Whitfield Barracks and was developed into a public park in 1970.  More than 70 buildings were demolished to create a park of 13.3 hectares (33 acres).

I enter the park through an Arts Fun Fair featuring the delightful characters of the Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars lining the steps and hanging out in the garden.

 Arts Fun Fair

After admiring the characters, I continue into a fabulous park of gardens, ponds, and traditional buildings.

 Park gardens

In the center of the park, an Aviary is full of colorful birds, delighting all of us who wander in to see what is there.

 Kowloon Park aviary

 Outside the aviary, flamingos walk freely, enjoying their life in the park.

Flamingo flock

Down a path from the Aviary, a sculpture garden attracts groups of people exercising and admiring the statues.

 Sculpture garden

 Exercise groups

Below the sculpture garden, a water garden features lush landscaping surrounding a great fountain.

 Water garden

At the park exit, the peace and calm quickly transitions into busy, noisy city life.

City transition

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