Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Playful Sculptures on Broadway and Lights of Times Square (A little bit of not Christmas)

The best way to explore a city (or at least our favorite) is to randomly walk around, sometimes with a goal, sometimes just in an interesting direction.  This trip is about a New York holiday experience, but we unknowingly wander into an outside museum on Broadway as we head south from Times Square.  That stretch of Broadway has been converted to accommodate walking space, sitting areas, and playful sculptures, titled "Fancy Animal Carnival" by Chinese artist Hung Yi.  We follow this outside exhibit along the several blocks of exhibits as we continue our exploration.


When staying in Time Square, we enjoy the crowds, the madness, the lights and the "ball" which is already set for the New Years celebration!  In the cold, it is great to experience much of this from inside, our favorite locations are the bar at the Marriott (how great is it sitting above Times Square, watching the world go by) and the bar at the Renaissance at the north end of the square, from which we can also watch all the lights and action.

 Times Square at night

It's good to be inside on this cold evening and watch it all go by (great people watching).

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