Friday, January 6, 2017

Chili Crab Dinner in Singapore

Preview:  Chili Crab.  Yummm.

Chili crab

ChongBee and I confer about dinner.  What shall we have during my last night in Singapore?  Chili crab of course, a Singapore specialty.  I meet ChongBee at at Metro station near his home and we drive over to an old racetrack that has been closed and converted into shops and restaurants.  At the entrance to the restaurant, tanks hold all the possible selections for dinner tonight.

 Options for dinner

As we enter the restaurant, we find a great treat!  We are seated in an outside area looking out on what used to be the track.  We study the menu, discuss the options, and order and then are directed back to the tanks for selection.  We choose:

Chili crab
Fried cuttlefish
Whole white fish

 Our table looking out over the track

 Selecting our dinner

We have a great experience selecting our dinner ingredients fresh from the tank, participating in the first steps of preparing this great meal.  As we select our crabs and fish, the person fishing them out for us shows us some bamboo clams and recommends them highly, so we have him throw a few of those in the plastic bag with the fish and crab.  Back at the table, while we wait, a pitcher of local Tiger beer gets us started. Then it arrives.

Bamboo clams, fried cuttlefish

Fried white fish, chili crab

All together now!

And, finished

What a great ending to my stay in Singapore!  Now, I have only a 14.5 hour flight back, but the incredible experience is definitely worth the trip.

Early morning MRT train to the airport

 Tropical plant displays near the airport gates.

I'll be back soon!

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