Friday, January 13, 2017

Holiday Markets in the Parks of New York City

We walk through the main holiday markets in Manhattan, starting at Columbus Circle, in the southwest corner of Central Park, and continuing on to Grand Central Station, then Bryant Park by the Public Library (at 6th Avenue and 42nd Street), and then down to Madison Square Park on 5th Avenue between 23rd and 26th Streets.

 Christmas market at Columbus Circle

The markets have stands from all over the world. At Columbus Circle, we meet a vendor from Israel who tries to sell us Dead Sea Salt skin defoliant.  I get a hand treatment, but resist purchasing at this time.  Many of the stands are run by local artisans with their jewelry, paintings, leatherwork, or other attractive items. We can only extrapolate from this to imagine the European Christmas Markets (another time).

Wow, is it cold!  Many of the vendors are huddling under heat lamps.  Others just look really cold.

The market at Grand Central Station is inside.  Warmer, but the market is smaller and less varied. However, it is time for lunch in the basement of the station, which turns out to be a great slice of pizza (also sold to go at the counter outside) and an eggplant parmigiana at Prova.

 Holiday Fair in Grand Central Station (much warmer)

 Lunch at Prova in the basement of Grand Central Station

After lunch, we continue down 6th Avenue to Bryant Park, where, in addition to stands with walls and doors (much warmer), there is ice skating (we're thinking of skating, but hold off, we're still exploring).

 Holiday fair with ice skating in Bryant Park

Continuing south to Washington Square Park, we reach the final fair in our tour after sunset, where we do buy locally-produced jewelry (under the Christmas tree a few weeks later).

 Our final fair at Washington Square Park

The next day, we walk by the Bryant Park Holiday Market on our way to dinner.  The fair is all lit up, inviting, attractive, and full of people.  These are tuly the night lights of New York at Christmas.

 Bryant Square Holiday Market after dark

Now we are ready for a New York dinner, or two or three.  But, first, let's see some more New York sites (patience).

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