Friday, November 27, 2015

Morning Walk in Shanghai, Part 3

As I walk through Shanghai, I dodge the scooters and bicycles on the streets and on the sidewalks.  It's a great way to get around, but parking does take up space and when a scooter comes down the sidewalk toward you, getting out of the way is the safest approach.

 Bicycle and scooter parking on the sidewalk

Propane delivery by scooter

Metro stations are everywhere, the Shanghai system is still under construction, but will get me (and about 8 million other people every day, with a peak of 10.3 million riders on September 25, 2015) just about anywhere in the city.  The Shanghai Metro is the longest metro system in the world, with 14 lines and 337 stations.

Metro Station on Line 9

And, next to the metro station and the high-rise construction is another old Shanghai neighborhood.

More old mixed in with the new

I wander down a side street along Lujiabang Road and spot the bird vendor reading his paper

 Quiet side street off Lujiabang Road

 Bird vendor on the side street

Getting to the end of Lujiabang Road, I approach the Nanpu Bridge and the Huangpu River.  In the park just before the bridge, people are at their morning activities, playing badminton, exercising, and just enjoying the day.

 Planting and sculpture in the park at the ramp to the Nanpu bridge

Playing badminton, with and without net, in the park near the Nanpu bridge

Walking up toward the Bund, along the Huangpu River bank, I look back at the Nanpu Bridge.  It is impressive, but too big to get in one picture.

 Nanpu Bridge

 Further up the river, I run into more construction along the river.  More old neighborhoods are disappearing and reemerging as modern buildings.

Construction along the Nanpu River, just below the Bund

Approaching the Bund, the construction winds down, floral plantings increase and I start to spot the tourists taking picture of the classic Shanghai sites in Pudong, across the river.  I'll share some of the sculpture and gardens along the Bund in future postings..

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