Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Quick Stop in London

On our way back from Italy, we stop in London for the night.  This turns out to be quite a trek:  Trenitalia to Pisa, EasyJet from Pisa to London Gatwick, Gatwick Express to Victoria Station, London Tube District Line to Hammersmith, Picadilly Line to Heathrow, local bus to our hotel.  Staying at Heathrow is a lot less expensive than in town, we have a much shorter trek to our flight in the morning, and our room has a great view of the terminals and runways.  However, this journey has a few too many changes with all our luggage. BA from Pisa to Heathrow would have been a lot better.  Sometime saving a few pounds isn't worth it!

The Tube from Heathrow back into London takes less than an hour and goes direct to many of the places we would visit if we had more time:  Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, Green Park, Hyde Park, Knightsbridge.  We get off at Piccadilly Circus walk through the theater district, but our goal is dinner at the Cork and Bottle, near Leicester Square.

 Entrance to the Cork & Bottle

Stairs lead down to this hidden treasure in the cellar.  The main entrance to the Cork & Bottle is off a small alley and tough to find.  The first time, we had to be persistent and walk around several blocks before we found it.  The second and third took less time, but with a year or two between each visit, we still had to search.  Now we know.

The selection of wines is tremendous, the staff knowledgeable, and the food properly accompanies the wines.  We have champagne, then a bottle of a house red, along with a cheese plate and a charcuterie plate.  This trip, we pass on the ham and cheese pie, which is incredible, but really filling.

The bar at the Cork & Bottle

As we leave the Cork & Bottle, we see that the party is at the The Zoo Bar on the other side of the alleyway.  But, we pass on it and continue to the Leicester Square Tube Station, which is on the Picadilly Line and takes us straight back to the Heathrow Terminals 1,2,3 Station.

The Zoo across the alleyway

Local buses are free within the Heathrow terminal area and we can catch just about any local bus at the Terminal 1,2,3 Central Bus Station, just up the escalator from the Tube station.  The trip to the hotel is about 10 minutes and we stop for a nightcap at the bar, then settle in for the night.  Tomorrow is a long flight home.

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