Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Shanghai Gardens Along the Bund

As I approach the Bund (Waitan) waterfront area along the Huangpu River in Shanghai, I wander through Gucheng Park, located on Renmin (Peoples) Road between the south Bund and Shanghai old town. I immediately spot impressive sculptures, tree and metal. 

 Tree sculpture in Gucheng Park

 Whimsical sculpture in Gucheng Park

Leaving the park and walking up the Bund along the river, I stop often to admire the fall plantings in the medians and in the gardens along Zhongshan East Road.

 Plant sculptures in the median on Zhongshan East Road

Across the road are small fall planters outside the buildings lining Zhongshan East Road and facing the Huangpu River.

 Small planters along the road

While, at the base of the Bund (Waitan) Observatory, about halfway up the Bund, are more fall color plantings.  The observatory was build in 1907 to provide weather information to ships on the Huangpu River and now serves as a museum and cafe.

Plantings at the base of the Bund Observatory

Another block or so up the Bund, a wall planting dominates the side of the waterfront walkway, with the famous Pudong skyline across the river.

 Wall planting from across the street and up close

But, saving the best for last, I reach the end of the Bund at the Waidaibu Bridge over the Wusong River as it flows into the Huangpu River.  There is my favorite garden, still with the dolphin theme, but redone in fall colors.

Garden at the top of the Bund near the Waidaibu Bridge

This winds up my morning walk and it's time to go to work for the rest of the day.

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