Friday, June 14, 2024

Dinners in Hannover

We dine at one of our favorite places in Hannover, Paulaner am Thielenplatz, a beer hall operated by the Paulaner Brewery (which dates back to 1634).  We sit at high tables in the bar area and have appetizers of Munich white sausage and a pretzel, along with a stein of beer and a glass of savignon blanc.  We follow that with rinderroulade (beef roulades filled with dry cured ham, gerkins, and onions, served with a red wine sauce, red cabbage with chopped apple, and a potato dumpling) and schweinsbraten (slow-roasted pork knuckle on a bed of sauerkraut and red wine sauce, served with a dumpling).





After dinner, we walk by the Kropcke-Uhr clock in the main square that serves as a meeting spot.  Apparently, everyone has already met and headed off to their destination.


Another evening, we have dinner with a group and for our dinners, we select soup Marseille, lentil salad with duck liver, and John Dore.  We accompany this with a Negroni (or two), an Italian drink, but appropriate to the spring weather.

Soup Marseille

Lentil salad with duck liver

John Dore


For lunch, we have great sandwiches at a local store.  Here's one with ham, cheese, tomato, and lettuce on fresh-baked pistachio bread.


It's a short stop in Hannover, but we once again truly enjoy our time in this delightful city, exploring widely and dining well.

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