Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Berggarten in the Herrenhausen Gardens

The Hill Garden (Berggarten) is the botanical garden of the Herrenhausen Gardens (Herrenhäuser Gärten) in Hannover. The garden was first created in 1666 as a vegatable garden on a hill north of the palace (across the street from the Great Garden), then transformed into a garden for exotic plants. In 1750, it became a botanical garden, with a palm house added in 1846. In 2000, a rain-forest-themed garden was added, which was the basis of the Sea Life Aquarium which opened in 2007.

We enter and are immediately surrounded by the spring flowers and blossoms.

The gardens

Spring in the garden

Some of the floral beds are still emerging from winter and just beginning to blossom.

Late starters

We walk back into the fields of the garden and observe the flowers along the streams and meadows of the park.

Along the streams

In the fields and meadows of the park

Returning to the garden entrance, we view the plantings outside the hothouse, then enter to view the collection of cactus, palms, and orchids.

At the entrance




Much too soon, it is time to leave the gardens and reenter the city life outside.

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