Friday, December 1, 2023

Wandering Around Monterosso al Mare

We stroll around Monterosso, admiring the views and a few of the churches, first popping into a small and delightful church that we spot because it is next to one of our favorite focaccia shops.

Small chapel

Closer to our hotel, we find another beautiful church, Oratorio di Santa Croce o dei Bianchi, built in 1198 on the ruins of a 5th century church and, actually, the church from which the previous night's procession originated.

Oratorio di Santa Croce o dei Bianchi

Continuing our stroll through town, we pass a few reminders that it is now time to pick the grapes (we'll see a lot more of this when we hike through the vinegards over the next few days).

To be filled with grapes

We walk up a bit to the Buranco agriturismo, making wine only 200 meters (650 feet) from the beach,  we wander in, and admire the beautiful grounds.

Buranco winery

Back in town, it's panini for lunch 

Streets of Monterosso


And, as a small storm passes over us, the sea and beach change color and textures to offer beautiful views of the changing weather

Small storm passing through

We have spent another great day with a little hiking, a little exploring, a little dining, and a lot of relaxation!

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