Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Hiking Coniglia to Manarola

We decide to take another hike over the trails along the Mediterranean, starting in Corniglia and following the path to Manarola, passing through the small village of Volastra on the way.  We catch a train to Corniglia and walk up the the 382 steps into town.

View of train station from top of steps

The trail heads up for a while as we get glimpses of Corniglia and the Mediterranean, soon reaching the ridge we will follow along the sea.

Heading up

View up the coast toward Monterosso

Continuing up

View back from higher up

Looking down on Corniglia

As the trail reaches the ridge, it levels off (somewhat) and we continue along the Mediterranean.

Continuing along the ridge

Looking back at Corniglia and Monterosso

We turn a corner and are hiking through the middle of vineyards, with people picking grapes next to us as we march along.

Around the corner, vineyards

Filling the bins with grapes

We continue through the vineyards, soon reaching the small town of Volastra, from which we will descend to Manarola.

Continuing through the vineyards

Glimpses of Manarola

Gathering the grapes in Volastra

Descending to Manarola

We reach the road and follow it into Manarola, where we catch the train to the next town, Riomaggiore, for lunch at a favorite restaurant in the harbor, dau Cila, where we dine on spaghetti with mussels, fish ravioli  (with butter, anchovy sauce, potatoes, and onion cream), and black tagliolini with fish ragu, fresh tomatoes, and olives.

Following the road into town

Picking grapes along the road

Passing through Manarola

Riomaggiore harbor


After lunch, we walk up the path along the harbor and watch all the activity with kayaks, swimming, diving, and many more ways of having fun on and in the water.

Fun on the water in the harbor

Looking back at Riomaggiore and up the coast to Monterosso

Another great day of exploration and adventure in Cinque Terre!

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