Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Winding Up our Stay in Marseilles

Our last evening in Marseille, we walk back from Chez FonFon along the edge of the sea, watching the sun set slowly over the Mediterranean, the monuments on the mainland. and the small islands offshore.

Sunset on the Mediterranean

Looking toward the old port in Marseille, we see the city lighting up as night descends.

Looking toward Marseille old port

Along the sea, the restaurants and hotels are illuminated for the enjoyment of those dining and staying and those of us just passing by.

Along the edge of the sea

The sun finally disappears

The next morning, we wake to view the beautiful blue water outside our room and the fisherman up early to catch what he can.

Looking out from our room

Leaving our hotel and walking along the port toward the train station, we find a group of musicians (who apparently don't play together very often) offering Sunday morning music to those of us who pass by.  Another block along, people on high poles are entertaining the crowd as a local market fills the street.


High-pole dancing

Sunday market

Soon, we reach the train station and look back toward this fun city.  We're heading back to our apartment in Montpellier, but we've had a fabulous weekend in Marseille and will return!

Looking back from the train station

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