Friday, August 4, 2023

Boat Trip to the Calanques near Marseilles

We've heard of the cliffs, beaches, and fjords of the calanques outside Marseille, but still are incredibly astounded and pleased by the expreience of actually touring them in a small boat.  We arise and look out at the sea outside our room, a perfect way to start the day's water adventure.

Looking out in the morning

We head over to the dock in the harbor from which the Bleu Evasion boats leave, racing each other to the national park and all the fabulous sights.  First though, we work our way out of the Marseille harbor.

Our captain leaving the harbor

Leaving the harbor

Approaching the islands outside the harbor

Soon, we're out of the harbor, past the islands, and rapidly approaching the Parc National des Calanques, which was established in 2012 and extends over 520 km(194 square miles), of which 85 km(33 square miles) is land and the remaining is the sea and its marine life.

Approaching the calanques

As we enter the fjords of the park, we find small towns at the ends, with some permanent residents and, we understand, a large population increase during the vacation season.

Small town in the fjord

We continue further into the park and the views become even more spectacular.

Deeper into the park

Down another small fjord, we find Port de Morgiou, another small town.

Port de Morgiou

We spot people hiking along the cliffs and to the beaches a ways away.

Hiking along the cliff

To the beach

We're still heading away from Marseille and truly enjoying the day.

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