Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Market Day in Monterosso al Mare

It's market day in Monterosso and we head down to Piazza Garibaldi to see what's for sale.  As we stroll down Via Roma from Villa Steno, we get a great view up toward the hotel, which explains the incredible view from it.

View of Villa Steno, view from Villa Steno

The market in the piazza is in full swing and we wander, admiring the fish, meat, cheese, and produce in the food area and considering some of the other goods on offer:  everything from clothing to household items to cooking utensils.

Goods for sale

Food for consumption here and cooking at home

On the harbor side of the piazza, the fishing boats are in, the beach umbrellas are furled, and the street is filled with trucks from the market vendors.

Boats and umbrellas resting

Vendors parked

As we walk back from the market, we spot a few great sights, including fish decorations above a door and the scooter outside the gelato shop, remaining from last year's publicity of the movie Luca, set in the fictional city of Portorosso, modelled after the towns of Cinque Terre, and the Vespa featuring predominantly in the film.

Sights along the way

Monterosso is one of our favorite cities in the world and we never tire of returning, wandering, and exploring the cities and countryside around it.

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