Friday, February 17, 2023

Hiking to Soviore

Il Santuario di Nostra Signora di Soviore (The Sanctuary of our Lady of Soviore) is located near the top of the hills behind Monterosso al Mare and is a fabulous short hike (an hour or so) from the city.  The first building was erected here in the 7th century, with more impressive construction in the 14th century and a complete renovation in the 18th century.  The buildings now standing date principally back to the 1300s, with the 18th century updates.

Similar to most hikes in Cinque Terre, we start by going up the hill.

Starting up, looking back at Monterosso

Continuing up, view improving

It's a stormy day and the tops of the hills are in clouds, making for beautiful views as we ascend.

Hills in the clouds

Continuing up

More great views of clouds and hills interacting

We reach Soviore and walk into the beautiful, well-maintained chapel.

The chapel

Inside the chapel

Back outside, it is still stormy as we start back down the path to Monterosso.

Clouds over Monterosso

The theme is now "down"

Descending toward Monterosso

In town, the storm has all the beach umbrellas tightly furled, offering a different view of the beach. 

Beach in storm mode

We get a few more pictures of the clouds and city to leave us with fabulous memories of this stormy day.

The day winds down

Over the years we've been returning to Montetrosso al Mare, we rarely find stormy days.  Sometimes, a light rain shower will quickly pass through while we're out hiking, but for the most part, we have sunny days of great hiking, swimming, exploring, and dining.  It's a new adventure to have a day like today and get a new perspective of the city, the hills, and the sea in this weather.

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