Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Hiking Corniglia to Manarola

We catch a train from Monterosso to Corniglia, two stops and seven minutes away.  The town is up 377 steps from the train station, getting us in the spirit of going up, soon with much more rocky steps.  We are hiking to Manarola, which we can see in the distance as we climb the steps to Corniglia and start up the path from there.  The path is basically straight up to the top of the ridge and we get a good workout at the start, but then we can stride along the ridge and enjoy the fabulous scenery

Up from train station, Manarola in the distance

Starting up the path

And up some more

Monterosso in the far distance

Looking back at Corniglia, forward to Manarola

The path along the ridge is fairly level, with a few ups and downs.

Continuing along the ridge

The trail crosses someone's front yard and then continues into the vineyards.

Crossing the yard

Through the vineyards, Corniglia and Monterosso in the distance

On the other side of the vineyards, we enter the small town of Volastra, quickly passing through and starting down the stairs on the far side.  Volastra is 345 meters (1132) feet above the sea (and Manarola), with around 1200 steps down to Manarola.

Streets of Volastra

Manarola in the distance

Steps down from Volastra

Just before the bottom of the steps, we take another trail around the point to the sea (instead of following the road into Manarola), where we can follow a rocky descent with great views.

Path to rocky descent

Views of Manarola and the coast north to Monterosso

We begin our final descent into Manarola and walk through the city to the train station and lunch.

Descending into the streets of Manarola

Another great day and hike in Cinque Terre!

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