Friday, January 27, 2023

Isola Palmaria and Portovenere

Isola Palmaria is an island of 1.6 square km (0.6 sq miles) located in the Liguriuan Sea at the western end of the Gulf of La Spezia, a short boat ride across from Portovenere.  In 1997, the island and its two smaller companions (Tino and Tinetto) were designated as USESCO World Heritage Sites (along with Portovenere and Cinque Terre).

Palmaria has a triangular shape, with the side facing Portovenere slopping gently down to the sea and the west-facing side, toward the open sea, featuring high cliffs and caves overlooking the water.

We catch a ferry from Monterosso to Portovenere, walk through a small outdoor market at the port, then transfer to a smaller ferry across the small channel to Palmaria.

Leaving Monterosso on the ferry

Travelling down the coast

Arriving in Portovenere

Shopping while changing ferries

Crossing the channel, leaving Portovenere

Ferry to Palmaria

We stroll along the beach, across from Portovenere, and then start up the trails along the sea to the rocky top of the island.

Along the beach, Portovenere across the channel

Along the trails

We get great views of Portovenere, the Gulf of La Spezia, and at the far side of the gulf, La Spezia itself.  And, in the other direction, the Mediterranean.

Views of Portovenere and La Spezia in the far distance

Views of the sea

We descend back to the water (on the Portovenere side of Palmaria) and walk along the water through the populated side of the island, walking by harbors, private homes, and bathing establishments, some private, some reserved for members of the Navy and Air Force.

Back along the Palmaria coast

Beaches and harbors

Birds and fish

Soon, it's time to head back and we get back on the ferry to Portovenere, with one stop at the bathing beaches in  a small Palmaria harbor before returning to Portovenere.

Heading out on the ferry

Fishing boats in the harbor

Bathing establishment

Arriving in Portovenere, we walk over to a favorite restaurant, Al Gabbiano, for Pizza Diavola and Pizza Porto Venere, accompanied by a carafe of local white wine.

Al Gabbiano


After lunch, we wander through the harbor, back to the ferry terminal for a ferry back to Monterosso.

Along the wharf in Portovenere

This was a great introduction to Isola Palmaria and we need to come back next year and explore the other side of the island!

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