Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Dinner in Austin

We have incredible dinners at La Condesa in Austin.  We enjoy our dinner so much the first night that we cancel our reservation elsewhere the second night and return.

La Condesa interior

We start with a glass of smooth, fine tequila, accompanied by salt, lime, and tomato juice.

Getting started

We then share appetizers of queso with homemade tortillas and guacamole with blue corn chips.
Queso, guacamole

We then move on to a plate of crudo (hiramasa bigeye tuna with fennel and lemon), quesadilla de short rib (with dos lunas clasico, black bean mole, salsa verde, pickled onion), and albondigas (pork and beef meatballs with guajillao, requeson, telera - no picture).

Crudo, quesadilla

All of this accompanied by a Spanish rioja and concluded with churros.

Drinks and desert

Outside, the sidewalks are cheerfully lit up for our walk back to the hotel, making for a magical end to our dinner.

Walking back

The next night, we start again with a little tequila, followed by queso and the guacamole (when we find something great, ...).


Queso, guacamole

Queso and guacamole consumption in process

For our main courses this evening, we have entomatadas (braised chicken, tomato broth, epazote, cotija), quesadilla de short rib (again), and carnitas tacos (avacado, salsa crud, microgreens).

Chicken, quesadilla, carnitas

This fabulous assortment is followed by churros (again) and a cup of champurrado (hot chocolate, masa, cinnamon - no picture).

The end

What incredible meals.  We'll be back to Austin for the food, Texas hill country sights, music, and the energy and beauty of the town and its people.

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