Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Hiking from Monterosso to Levanto

One of our favorite hikes in Cinque Terre is from Monterosso al Mare to Levanto, the next town north along the Mediterranean.  We often (and this time) extend the length of the hike by starting out in the opposite direction and hiking from Monterosso to Santuario Nostra Signora Soviore, the oldest Marian sanctuary in Luguria, dating from the 8th century with a complete renovation in the 18th century.  The sanctuary overlooks Monterosso, with a view of Levanto far away across the hills.

We start out of Monterosso, up the path to the east.

Leaving Monterosso al Mare

Up the path

Climbing up from Monterosso

We pass through the sanctuary (pictures of Soviore in a later blog when we do a short hike from Monterosso to Soviore), walk down the road to Collo di Gritta, a small intersection above Monterosso, and pick up the path on the ridge around Monterosso to the sea.  We periodically get great views of Monterosso and the coastline south as we circle the city.

Path along the ridge, views of Monterosso and south

On the other side of the path, we get the occasional view of Levanto, still several hours away since we are taking the long route, walking first to the Mediterranean, then turning right to follow the ridge along the sea.

Levanto on the right

We pass through an intersection, where we could turn right and follow the valley to Levanto (much shorter), but we elect to continue to the left, along the ridge around Monterosso.

Choose a path

Continuing along the ridge

Soon we reach the Mediterranean and turn right along the ridge, heading north.

Continuing along the ridge above the sea

Soon, we see Levanto in the distance and descend into town, arriving at the beach.

Approaching Levanto

Arriving at the beach

We treat ourselves to lunch in Levanto, with a 5 Terre piadina flatbread (with anchovies) and a tomato/mozzarella salad.  We worked hard to prepare for lunch and it is really tasty (along with a small carafe of local white wine).


After lunch, we wander through Levanto to the train station for the short ride back to Monterosso.

Wandering through town

Map at the train station

What a rewarding day:  great hike, great views, great weather, great food, great company!

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