Friday, November 4, 2022

Caves of Ha Long Bay

We stop at several islands to explore the fabulous limestone caves that have formed grand displays over millions of years, starting with Hang Sung Sot, a place so amazing that when the French discovered it in 1901, they named it Grotte des Surprises (Surprise Grotto).

Parking our boat at Hang Sung Sot

We climb the steps and enter the spectacular grotto.

In the cave

And, as we emerge back into sunlight, our boat is still there, waiting with lunch on the way.

Back to our boat

A little later, we stop by Me Cung Cave. also known as the Maze Cave, where we are the only visitors in its four compartments.

Continuing through the islets

Steps up to Me Cung Cave

Me Cung Cave

Emerging from the cave, we find a beautiful, tranquil lake on the center of the island, with a view of the bay looking the other way.

View of lake, bay on emerging from the cave

We've done quite a bit of cave exploring in our Ha Long Bay cruise and found some great sights (and, need to remember to duck on the narrow, short passageways!).

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