Friday, November 11, 2022

Arriving in Seoul, Korea

We arrive in Seoul and head over to Pangyo, a planned city started in 2001 with low population density and large green spaces and parks.  We are staying near Pangyo Techno Valley near the headquarters of many technology and oil companies.

View from our room

Leaving the hotel and heading over to the subway, we pass though a beautifully-landscaped modern city. 

Walking to the subway

Landscaping among the buildings

Inside some of the buildings are stores with huge food courts and restaurants on the lower floors, including an Eataly (undergoing renovation while we're there).

Come back later

From modern Pangyo, we head into Seoul and wander the streets of older parts of town, enjoying the people, the sights, the traditional architecture, and the walk through the narrow streets.

Older Seoul

For a change of pace, we pop into the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, featuring exhibitions of video art, which is fun to watch, but difficult to capture in a picture.

Video Art

Other exhibits

Back at the hotel, we watch the sun and the lights come on in the modern city.

Evening arrives

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