Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Stopping in Naples on our way to Positano

We catch a morning train from Monterosso to Naples, changing trains in Viareggio and Florence and passing through Rome on the way.  As we leave Monterosso, a Luca-themed train passes by heading north. 

Luca train, our train

We travel through beautiful countryside, first along the coast, then inland to Rome, and finally back to the southern coast of Italy at Naples.

The Italian countryside

Inside our train, the displays tell us that we are barreling toward Naples at 294 km/hour (183 miles/hour), crossing a good part of Italy from the north to the south.

Our journey progresses

We peer our our hotel window in Naples and see the cruise ships lined  up across the way.  We'll later meet their passengers as we wander through the old town.

Cruise ships docked

Heading down the street, we come to Piazza Dante, a wide open area where the younger people are playing soccer and the adults are having an aperitif.  We stop for negronis as the sun sets.

Heading down the street

Piazza Dante


We wander away from the piazza, into the old town, and stop for pizza at Antica Pizza Port'Alba, widely believed to be the world's first pizzeria, established in 1738 as a cart and opening as a restaurant in 1830.  We dine outside, starting with arancini, followed by fabulous pizzas as the pedestrian-street traffic goes by.  It's hard to pick, but we choose Pescatore, Pomodorino Giollo, and 4 Fromaggi.  Wow!

Wander down the street to pick a pizzeria


We head back to the hotel through the streets of old town, where bands are playing on the corner, people are dancing in the streets, and the bars and restaurants are full.

Wandering back through old town

Back on the main streets, it's not as crowded and a little more subdued, but still pleasant with a cheerful, fun atmosphere as people dine and stroll.

Back on the main streets

It's been an interesting walk and introduction to Naples and we dine on incredible pizza!  A great start to our short stop in this city.

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