Friday, January 21, 2022

Fornillo Beach in Positano

We decide to explore Positano a little more and hike back up the stairs along the sea to the road winding down from the top of the hills.

Stairs up

At the top of the stairs, we find restaurants along the road with sidewalk seating facing the sea.  What a great location for a meal!

Seaside dining

As we continue higher along the road, we get increasingly-more-breathtaking views of Positano from above.

Looking down on Positano

Looking the other way, we see the other side of the town rising to the cliffs, including a tennis court sandwiched in between the rocks.

Looking toward the hills

Squeezing in a tennis court

We round the hill at the western edge of town and spot steps down.  Curious, we follow them and find our way to Fornillo Beach.

Heading down

Finding a beach

Art at the beach

Fornillo Beach consists of a private beach (with restaurants and chair and umbrella rental) and, through a small stone arch, a public beach

Private beach

Public beach

Luckily, we discover that we do not need to go all the way back up to the top to return to our hotel on the beach in Positano, there is a path along the water that requires only a short up journey for access.

Path back to Positano

Looking back at public and private beaches

Finding Positano around the corner

We return to our hotel to watch another sunset over the Mediterranean.  The sky turns red, the umbrellas are slowly folded, and the chairs are straightened to begin a new day tomorrow.

Another day comes to an end

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