Friday, January 14, 2022

Exploring Positano

We rise in the morning and admire the view from our hotel room.

View from room

Exiting the hotel, we run across a sandal shop directly across the way and stop for sandals for everyone, comfortable and perfect for the climate.

Sandals all around

Down the street, we find pottery shops and great ceramic table tops in the restaurants using the local artisans.  The pottery shops also feature many table tops, giving us something to think about.

Potter shop

Great tables

We continue to explore the streets, shops, and restaurants along the beach.  There is a lot of truly interesting shopping and dining here!

And, from here there are ferries to other parts of the Amalfi Coast and excursions along the coast or to Capri.

Ferries and excursions by sea

Along the Amalfi Coast and to Capri

We head back up the hills, finding narrow streets and shops winding around the tops (and part-way up), along with a few restaurants perched on the edge.

Shops along the way

Restaurants looking out

The view up and down the coast is incredible.  And, it's really something to realize how the town is just clinging to the hill as it rises sharply from the sea.

Positano and beach

At the top, near the bus stop, the signs tell the story of where we can go from here.

Bus stop and destinations

Looking down the coast, we see more of the Amalfi Coast and soak in the beauty of this area.

Looking down the Amalfi Coast

As we walk back down toward the beach, we find that the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, which we passed yesterday, is open and we stop in.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta

In the St. Nicholas Chapel of the church, we find a nativity scene with original figures from the 18th century.

18th century nativity scene

Back outside, we enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery and continue to stroll.

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