Friday, October 1, 2021

The Sprengel Museum in Hannover

Hannover has some delightful museums and we visit two:  the Sprengel Museum and the Landesmuseum Hannover.  Located adjacent to the Maschsee, the museum opened in 1969 with the donation of Bernard Sprengel's extensive collection of modern art and currently holds one of the most significant collections of modern art in Germany.  In addition to the Sprengel collection, the museum houses 20th century artworks owned by Lower Saxony and Hannover.

Outside the museum, a sculptures at the entrance tempts us to explore further.

At the entry

We enter and wander through the galleries.

Wandering through the galleries

The museum's special exhibition, in honor of the donation of Bernhard and Margrit Sprengel to the city of Hannover, is called Elementary Parts and consists of themed room devoted to the question of  the museum as an institution and its art (what is the role of the museum as an institution?  what is art about and what stories does it tell?).  Here are some of the displays from this study.

Museums and art

And, on my way out of the museum, an interesting perspective on the artist's studio.

Artist at work

What a delightful museum!  Now, to go next door to the Lower Saxony Landesmuseum.

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