Friday, October 15, 2021

Arriving in Paris

At last, we're able to return to Paris for a long weekend on our way home from Hannover.  We check into our hotel near the Louvre and head over to Place Saint-Michel to find dinner.  On the way, we find a fair set up the in the Jardin des Tuileries, the public garden stretching from the Louvre to Place de la Concorde.

Fair at night

Across the Seine, the Musée d'Orsay museum, housed in the former Gare d'Orsay train station, and the Eiffel Tower light up the sky.  Looking down the length of the Tuileries, we see the famous Champs-Élysées on the other side of Place de la Concorde.

Musée d'Orsay and Eiffel Tower

Champs-Élysées in the distance

Crossing the Seine over the pedestrian bridge near the Louver, we get great views of the river.

Crossing the Seine

It's getting late and it is quiet in Place Saint-Michel, where we stroll the streets to select a restaurant.

Quiet in the streets near Place Saint-Michel

Walking back, we pass the front of Notre Dame, illuminated despite the damage done by the fire in 2019.

Notre Dame

Crossing back over the Seine, we see more great river sights, along with a bar set up on the banks of the Seine.

Along the Seine

Pop-up bar on the banks of the Seine

We pass by the grounds of the Louvre, heading back to the Tuileries and our hotel.

Passing by the Louvre

We settle in at our hotel to rest and have a full day in Paris tomorrow.

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