Friday, July 23, 2021

Random Other Sights and Sculpture in Shanghai

In my morning strolls through Shanghai, I run across many random sights.  But, one that I see in every China city is the morning is the exercise group in the park.

Morning exercises

Outside the park, people are using the sunny day to dry nuts on the sidewalk and we all walk carefully around them.

Nuts drying

A little further along, there are tiny statues alongside the sidewalk to amuse and delight us all.

  Along the sidewalk

I find a guard cat protecting someone's bicycle.  Later on, a different guard cat is off the job and, apparently, not afraid of being stepped on (as safe as the drying nuts).

 Guard cat on and off the job

A little further along, a great juxtaposition of old and new shows up, the Jing'an Temple nestled between the modern city buildings. The temple is located on Nanjing Road, above Xujiahui, about 45 minutes (3.4 km/2.1 miles) from People's Square.  The Jing'an Temple is a Buddhist temple, first build in 247AD and relocated to its current site in 1216.  During the cultural revolution, the temple was turned into a plastics factory, but returned to serve as a temple in 1983.  It fits perfectly into the modern structures that surround it.

Jing'an Temple

Along the road, a fast-food store advertises whimsically and a delivery bicycle carries water through the city.

 Fast food here

Bottled water delivery vehicle

Shanghai is full of small parks, gardens, and public art scattered throughout the neighborhoods of the city.  As I walk around the city, I pass by and through many of these delightful experiences.  Parks are located near most neighborhoods to give the residents someplace to relax and something beautiful to view.

Small parks and gardens scattered throughout the city

Delightful sculptures and other works of art are located in the parks and on the streets, offering something new and interesting around every corner.

Sculpture along the streets and in the parks

One of the big reasons I truly enjoy wandering around this magical city is the great effort that has been put in to create beauty everywhere and to share it with the citizens and visitors who take the time to look around.  Shanghai is constantly changing and there are new things to discover every time I visit.  I'll keep coming back to see what has changed and what hasn't.

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