Friday, July 16, 2021

Dulan Road Cultural District in Shanghai

Duolun Road in Shanghai was home to numerous writers and authors in the early 20th century and has been preserved as a pedestrian street with museums, tea houses, and galleries, buildings representative of the architecture of 1920s/1930s Shanghai.

I walk a few blocks from Lu Xun Park and enter the previous century.

Both ends of Duolun Street

 Grand houses along the street

The road and side streets are lined with trees, providing shade and complementing the architecture of the buildings.

 Trees everywhere

Continuing down the street, I find more great buildings, residential, shops, and restaurants all mixed together.

 More great buildings

Along the street, sculptures depict people going about everyday life in 1920s/1930s Shanghai.

 Sculptures on the street

As I leave Duolun Road into modern Shanghai, I immediately stumble onto current times:  a crew of delivery people waiting for lunch orders to roll in so they can hop on their motorcycles and scooters and distribute them across the district.

 Back to reality

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