Friday, July 9, 2021

People's Park in Shanghai

Shanghai's People's Park was created in 1952 on the site of the old British Shanghai Race Club.  The park is located near People's Square (between the Shanghai City Government buildings and the Nanjing Road shopping district).  The park is about 24 acres (97,000 square meters, 9.7 hectares) with many distinct areas for rest and play.

I enter the park through one of the gardens near the People's Square Metro Station, admiring the great floral displays.

Floral gardens

The path through the gardens leads me to an interconnected series of ponds, surrounded by small buildings in which people are relaxing, playing games, and socializing.

 Ponds leading into each other

 Relaxing by the ponds

Past the ponds is a marriage market in which parents have written down and are advertising the good characteristics of their offspring to help find them a spouse/partner.

 Marriage market

Passing through the marriage market, I reach the amusement park and playground, with rides and games for all.

 Amusement park

On the other side, are more great gardens, walkways, and landscaping to delight the eyes and small  areas in which visitors can relax and enjoy the beauty and calm of this oasis in the center of the big city.

More gardens and paths

And, a walking trail map and a refreshment kiosk offer physical and culinary delights to the visitors.

 Walking for exercise and refreshments

Leaving the park, I look back at the unassuming entrance and think of the wonders hidden inside.  What a great place to spend the afternoon!

Entrance to People's Park

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