Friday, June 12, 2020

Hiking up to Santuario Nostra Sigora di Soviore

Looking down on Monterosso from 452 meters (1482 feet) above, the Santuario Nostra Sigora di Soviore dates from the 13th century and is a peaceful refuge and a great hike up from the city.  We start and continue the hike, mostly up, on trails and stairs, with few flat stretches.

 The path up

As the path approaches Soviore, views of Monterosso below appear in the trees and valleys.

 Monterosso below

At the top of the trail, the path leads to the chapel and a small bed and breakfast.

 Chapel and B&B

Inside the chapel, the simple, but beautiful, decor is breathtaking.  And, what a great organ!

 Inside the chapel

Leaving the chapel, we start back down to Monterosso, where we'll catch the train to Pisa to start our journey home.

 Heading back down

Reaching Monterosso, we reenter the city in the new town, picking up our luggage at Hotel Villa Steno and walking over to the train station in the old town on the other side of the hill.

Reentering Monterosso

On our way to the train station, we stop at Focacceria Antonio for a quick lunch, two focaccia:  tomato and pesto/mozaarella.

 Focaccia in the shop

And, on our plates

The short walk back to the train station give one one parting look at Monterosso.  What a beautiful place, no wonder we keep coming back!

 Sights while leaving Monterosso

 It's been a short, but fun, visit and we'll look forward to a longer stay next year.

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