Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Hiking from Vernazza to Corniglia and Manarola

We catch a morning train to Vernazza and hike up, out of the city in the opposite direction from Monterosso al Mare, continuing our walk south along the Mediterranean.

 Leaving Vernazza, Monterosso in the distance

After a bit of "up," we continue south on the ridge winding through the hills.

 Heading up

 Continuing along the path

 Soon, Corniglia appears in the distance, set on a hill above the sea.

Approaching Corniglia

 Descending into town

We quickly pass through the narrow streets of Corniglia and resume our hike on the other side of town, starting back up a few steep climbs to the ridgeline.  We'll return to Corniglia for lunch and a more leisurely visit, but, first, we're on a quick march to Manarola.

 Zipping through Corniglia

 Heading back up

 Corniglia and Monterosso in the distance

 Along the path

 Monterosso growing farther and farther away

As we approach Volastra, just before (and up the hill above) Manarola, we find the vineyards full of workers picking grapes to make some of the region's fabulous wines.

 Passing through the vineyards

 Grapes everywhere

After the vineyards, we zip through Volastra and descend the steps and steep paths leading to Manarola.

 Descending to Manarola

 Approaching Manarola, Monterosso in the far distance

 Streets of Manarola

We walk through Manarola to the train station, catch a train one station back to Corniglia and walk into town to find lunch at a small porch with great views of the town and the sea (with Monterosso in the distance), dining on two bruchetta (pesto/stracchino and anchovy/tomato), accompanied by two glasses of local white wine.

 Streets of Corniglia

Bruchetta and wine

Another great day is developing in Cinque Terre!

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