Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Around Monterosso al Mare

We return to Monterosso al Mare and Hotel Villa Steno every year, generally for about a week, and truly enjoy each stay, revisiting some old haunts and hikes and discovering new trails, paths, shops, restaurants, and experiences.

View from Hotel Villa Steno

Walking along the Mediterranean in Monterosso, we see the beautiful, artfully-arranged umbrellas, on the beach and on restaurant patios, both in the old town and the new towns.

 Sea of umbrellas

Walking back into town from the beach leads through winding streets of shops, restaurants, piazzas, and parks.

 Streets of Monterosso

On a side street, a small shop is making wine from the local grapes.

 Making wine

As we hike up into the hills of Monterosso, we get great views of the city from above.

Looking down on Monterosso

One evening, as we walk back to Villa Steno from dinner, we find the street filled with a religious procession, complete with band, and we stop to watch.

 Religious procession

We find something new every visit to Cinque Terre and truly enjoy the combination of old, familiar and new, intriguing.  We'll keep coming back for more!

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