Friday, February 14, 2020

Walking Around Singapore

We head over from Hanoi to Singapore for the weekend, catching the Singapore-San Francisco flight home after a fun few days.  We are greeted in the airports by whimsical characters and spectacular floral displays.

Farewell Hanoi, hello Singapore

 Singapore airport flowers

We drop our luggage at our hotel and wander down Orchard Road, soaking in the juxtaposition of modern, new Singapore and older, colonial Singapore.  Not to mention a few great sidewalk displays.

 New and old Singapore

 Istana Park

As we stroll a little further, we get fabulous perspectives of some of the famous buildings on the Singapore skyline and the harbor around which many of them are oriented.

Singapore harbor

 Sidewalk displays

We end our initial walk around at my favorite hawker stall on Orchard Road, where we order a whole duck and some Tiger beers and dig in for a fabulous, simple dinner.

Duck dinner

It's great to be back in Singapore and we're looking forward to a few days of exploration and adventure.

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