Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Dining in Hanoi

We truly eat well in Vietnam.  The food is fabulous:  tasty, varied, nourishing, and inexpensive.  The first dishes we have are pho and bun bo and we have both many times.  The advertisement below shows a bowl of Bun Bo for 25,000 VND, which is $1.08 USD (0.97 euros).  Many people enjoy their lunchtime pho at tables on the sidewalk near their offices.

Bun Bo

Outside dining

Our first dinner is at Quan An Ngon, a short walk from Hoan Kiem Lake.  We settle in and share Vietnamese fried pancakes with shrimp and pork, pho, and a bun ngan (soup with wild duck, fresh bamboo shoot, and rice noodles).

Quan An Ngon

 Fried pancake, pho, and bun ngan

Our second dinner (at our hotel) consists of fresh spring rolls, pho, bun cha, and two Tiger beers (from Singapore).

Spring rolls and Tiger

Pho and bun cha

Another evening, dinner at our hotel brings stewed and braised fish in a clay pot, served with rice and vegetables.

Stewed and braised fish

Our final dinner is at Cao Go, overlooking Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son Temple, a beautiful background for a fabulous meal.  We share shrimp and pork spring rolls, spicy and sour squid salad, stewed duck breast with fresh coconut juice, and traditional grilled fish with local herbs and spices.

View of Hong Kiem Lake from our table

Spring rolls and squid salad

Stewed duck

Grilled fish cooked at the table

And, served

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