Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology focuses its galleries on the 54 officially-recognized ethnic groups in Vietnam.  Opened in 1997, the museum occupies 11 acres (4.4 hectares) just outside the Hanoi city center.

The Viet (or Kinh) ethnic group makes up almost 86% of the population of Vietnam and many of the displays are related to this group.  The exhibits start inside with the daily life of the people and villages of Vietnam and the richness of the Vietnamese culture.

Life in Vietnam

Outside, an open-air exhibition shows houses of the diverse ethnic groups in Vietnam, designed and built by artisans from the villages where the houses are traditionally located.  I walk through the grounds and the houses and marvel at the design and layout.  I can only give a brief impression here of the incredible work that went into creating this exhibition and the great insight it gives of life in Vietnamese villages in prior times.

 Houses of Vietnam

This has been a great visit and a well-designed trip into the villages, people, and lifestyle of this country.

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