Friday, May 24, 2019

Hiking up to Santuario di Soviore

On our last day, we decide to finish up with a short hike in the morning from Monterosso to Santuario di Soviore, the former monastery above Monterosso, with beautiful views of the city and the sea.  The hike starts in the usual way:  up.

 Path up

 Leaving Monterosso behind

At Soviere, we peer inside the chapel, then start down (we have an afternoon train to Pisa where we'll catch a flight to Heathrow and spend the evening).

 The chapel at Soviore

View of Monterosso from Soviore

 Fabulous sky above Monterosso

 Heading back down

When we reach town, we discover an anchovy festival in the Piazza Garibaldi, with plenty of anchovies and pots of pasta cooking away.  We head off to our lunch (a plate of lardo bruscetta and a mixed bruscetta platter:  pesto, anchovy, tomato, and ham).  As we leave Villa Steno and wheelie our suitcases to the train station, we see that the anchovy festival has everyone lined up for lunch.

 Anchovy festival setting up

Bruschetta lunch (lardo and mixed)

Anchovy festival open

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