Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Hiking From Monterosso to Vernazza to Corniglia

We depart Monterosso, heading south along the Mediterranean, following the Cinque Terre trails to Vernazza and Corniglia.  We start the climb up behind the Monterosso city hall and hike along the coast, viewing Monterosso growing ever smaller in the distance.

 Heading up

 Monterosso grows smaller

As the trail continues along the ridge, the view of the coast below Monterosso expands and shows our path yet to be traveled.

Along the ridge

Soon, we approach Vernazza, descending from the ridge with beautiful views of the town and the harbor below.

Approaching Vernazza

We zip through the streets of Vernazza and up the other side to view the city from the south as we continue on toward Corniglia, with Monterosso in the distance above Vernaza.

 Streets of Vernazza

Leaving Vernazza, Monterosso in the distance

Following the ridge, we approach Corniglia, on a bluff above the sea, with expansive views and great streets for exploring (up and down).

 Approaching Corniglia

 Streets of Corniglia

 Views from Corniglia

We wander the streets, exploring the churches and the piazzas, but soon head down to the train station to catch the next train to Riomaggiorre, where we'll have lunch.

 Corniglia churches and piazzas

We settle in for lunch at our favorite restaurant in Riomaggiore, Ristorante Dau Cila, where we always sit on the terrace overlooking the harbor, and enjoy yet another fabulous meal (we have to return here every year):  tomato/anchovy bruchetta (with mozzarella, capers, basil, and garlic), grilled octopus salad (with panzanella and wine reduction), frito misto (mixed grilled seafood with crustaceans and squid), and a carafe of local white wine.

 Ristorante Dau Cila with view of the Riomaggiore harbor


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