Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Corniglia to Monterosso al Mare

We usually hike from Monterosso to Vernazza to Corniglia and decide, for variety, to do the path in reverse, from Corniglia to Monterosso, looking ahead of us at everything that was generally behind us going the other way.  From Corniglia, the path heads immediately up (a common theme of the paths, one which we really like, challenging, but with immediate rewards as we quickly reach elevations with great views) and then along beautiful coastal walks.


 Views up and down the coast

The path continues, more ups and downs, alternating with flat stretches where we can look out at the views ahead (and, occasionally, behind).

 Along the way

As we approach Vernazza, we can see Monterosso, our destination, in the distance.

 Approaching Vernazza

We cut through the streets of Vernazza, down into town and back up the other side.  As we leave Vernazza, we are serenaded on the trail by an accordion player sitting by the trailside.

 Passing through Vernazza

 Vernazza grows smaller

The path continues through the woods (up and down) with views of Monterosso growing increasingly larger.

 Along the trail

 Monterosso growing closer

Looking back toward Vernazza
(with Portovenere around the corner in the far distance)

Several sets of steps bring us down into Monterosso and we're ready to find lunch, choosing several bruschettas;  tomato, anchovy and tomato, and pesto and mozorella

 Heading down into town

Lunch reward

We pass a few more great Monterosso beach scenes as we choose lunch and wander post-lunch.

Looking down on the beach, on the beach looking out

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