Friday, August 24, 2018

Waterways, Flowers, and Sculpture in Kuala Lumpur

The Klang River and Gombak River flow into Kuala Lumpur and come together at the Masjid Jamed Mosque.  In the center of the city, the rivers have walkways, parks, and gardens along their banks, providing an attractive and appealing use of the waterways.

 Along the rivers

Many of the walkways and sidewalks in the city are covered to provide relief from both the sun and the occasional passing rainstorm (remember, we're only 350 km / 217 miles from the equator).

Covered walkways

Scattered throughout the city are statues in parks and on the sidewalks.  In Little India, there are both serious sculptures and a collection of Dutuk Lat's whimsical art depicting everyday scenes of ordinary life.

Serious art

 Whimsical works of Dutak Lat

 And, there are water features all over, providing great displays and more relief from the heat, including mist on the river near the Masjid Jamek where the two rivers meet.

Fountains and water features

 Mist on the River

The floral displays are great.  There is nothing like a short distance to the equator to encourage orchids and other beautiful tropical flowers to flourish.  The arrangements are stunning and decorate inside (and outside) spaces.

 Tropical floral arrangements

I'm truly enjoying just wandering through Kuala Lumpur and viewing the sites of the new city and the old city, all existing alongside each other in modern Malaysia.

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