Friday, August 31, 2018

Dining in Kuala Lumpur

My meals in Kuala Lumpur consist principally of assortments of tasty and intriguing items on small plates.  My first dinner starts with steamed bread with sauce and nasi goreng (fried rice with soy sauce, shallot, garlic, tamarand, and chili, generally served with either egg, chicken, or prawns), followed by assorted small bites of fish, chicken, and beef.

Steamed bread with sauce, nasi goreng

Assorted small bites

Another dinner consists of small plates of beef, fish, and pork, with the fish steamed in leaves.

More small bites

Following a similar theme, I later have laksa (spicy noodle soup served with egg and chicken, prawns or fish) and pandan-leaf chicken (chicken steamed in a pandan leaf to give it an aromatic flavor)

Laksa and pandan-leaf chicken

Wandering through Kuala Lumpur, I see hawker stalls in all the markets serving these foods and people dining at tables scattered throughout market enjoying them.

 Hawker-stall dining

However, I don't find one of my favorites, roast duck, until I get back to Singapore where I catch my flight to San Francisco the next day.  I go to my favorite hawker stall and have a half duck to  complete the dining experiences for this trip.

Wrapping up the trip with 1/2 roast duck.

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